We provide Tenpin Bowling coaching services since 1986

If you are looking for quality Tenpin Bowling training programmes, you have definitely come to the right place. As indicated in our Company’s name, we incorporate the “Fun” elements in all aspects of our training programmes that help you enjoy the Sport.

We look forward to see you in one of our programme soon!

Edward Lau

Founder and Senior Coach

Services We Provide

Who we are

Certified Bowling Coaches

100% Certified Tenpin Bowling Coaches

We are not just Bowlers! Neither are we other Sports coaches. We are Tenpin Bowling Coaches.

Tenpin Bowling Experience

100% Tenpin Bowling Coaching Experience

We have a total of more than a decade of coaching experience in Tenpin Bowling.

Life Skills

100% Dignity and Integrity Life Skills

Apart from technical skills, we also implant key Life skills values like team work, respect and sportsmanship.

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    Welcome to the Jungle... Dominion over the Lanes Release Date: 13/10/2021 The Motiv Pride was designed to offer versatility and continuation making it the ideal benchmark bowling ball. Versatility. Continuation. With a brand-new core and cover stock, the Pride™ from MOTIV® is the designed to be the perfect benchmark piece. Unique from anything currently available from MOTIV®, the…
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    Storm Trend 2 - Now it’s time to set another TREND with Trend 2 Release Date: 29/10/2021 For a ball to be emblazoned with Jason Belmonte’s insignia, you know it must be special. After all, his 13 majors and multiple PBA Player of the Year accolades is no small feat. This man knows what he’s talking about, so we’ve enlisted his help in designing…
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  • Happy Birthday Singapore! National Day Special 2021
    Happy Birthday Singapore! National Day Special 2021 Join us in celebrating the 56th anniversary of our Nation this coming August from 9 August to 8 September 2021! We have lined up exciting promotions for our wide range of bowling merchandise from ball, bag, shoes to accessories and jerseys.
    Written on Sunday, 01 August 2021

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Bowling is Fun! ! is a leading service provider of Tenpin Bowling Coaching, Planning and Development delivers quality coaching programmes to Clients around the Asia-Pacific region.

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